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GhostConvey is an all-in-one conveyancing management system that automates document assembly, as well as facilitating communication between all stakeholders within the property industry. As market leaders, we strive to provide a solution that simplifies ordinarily complex processes.

The GhostConvey solution enhances the operation of both large-scale and smaller firms, all of whom are able to reduce costs and grow their overall business efficiency through the use of GhostConvey.

Used not only to produce attorney documents for the property transfer process, GhostConvey also enables users to create and manage conveyancing matters, capture data required by banks and other industry role players, generate reports and assist with ensuring the firm runs smoothly and efficiently.

GhostConvey is no longer a luxury at attorney offices, it has become a necessity.


GhostConvey Version 15.9.11 now includes

    • Caters for the latest Transfer Duty Enhancements for 2017.
    • When creating a new Transferor or Transferee, you now select Type.
    • Enhancements have been made to the Agent Signing section.
    • Newly received Affordable Housing instructions are easily identifiable in your Inbox.
    • You can now verify if an Estate Agent is registered with the (EAAB).
  • BONDS:
    • GhostConvey has integrated with the Nedbank Guarantee Hub.
    • Buyer ID and Postal address columns have been added to the Linked Matter (per Development) Report.
    • This new software will enable your firm to communicate with various parties automatically via emails, SMSes and weekly progress email reports.
    • Deeds Office fee is now being correctly calculated for a Section 45(1) endorsement.
    • Timeout errors when importing 100 properties at a time have been sorted out.
    • KwaZulu-Natal Agency fees for Correspondence matters have been updated.
    • Please note GhostConvey v15.9.11 has been released as an auto-update to your firm to apply the increase to the Conveyancing Fee Guidelines issued by the Law Society of South Africa.
    • Deeds Office Fee Update 2017.
    • SBSA Bond Classification showing on Milestone View.
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