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  • GhostConvey is an all-in-one conveyancing management system that automates document assembly, as well as communication associated with mortgage bond registrations and property transfers.

    The GhostConvey solution enhances the operation of both large-scale firms and smaller players, all of whom are able to reduce costs and grow their overall business efficiency through the use of GhostConvey.
  • GhostConvey is used by most conveyancers in South Africa not just to produce attorney documents for the property transfer process but also to create and manage conveyancing matters, capture data required by banks and other industry role players, generate reports and assist with ensuring the firm runs smoothly and efficiently.

    GhostConvey is no longer a luxury at attorney offices, it has become a necessity.
  • 2012 marks 25 years of GhostConvey being the leading conveyancing solution in South Africa. In the early 80s we assisted attorneys to automate their typing, moving from pre-printed stationery to computer-based word processing through the legendary GhostWriter solution.

    Over the years GhostConvey evolved from document assembly to workflow management and office automation. In recent years, GhostConvey focused on online communication
  • through solutions like Collaboration, Attorney Gateway, embedded Deeds Searching, and e-Rates.
The GhostConvey Landscape
  • Communication with clients from GhostConvey via e-mail, SMS, letter and fax
  • Electronic communication with estate agents and linking between attorney firms
  • Secure electronic links with major financial institutions
  • Electronic communication and linking between attorney firms
  • Electronic links for rates clearance figures and certificates
  • Information searches from the Deeds Office, CIPC and the Surveyor General
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