What is GhostConvey

For almost 30 years, GhostConvey has been, and remains, the market-leading conveyancing software among South African Attorneys.

GhostConvey is a comprehensive conveyancing workflow system that not only automates document assembly, but also facilitates both automated and manual communication with all stakeholders. Through seamless integration with Banks, Government Departments, Municipalities, Attorney Firms and Accounting Systems, GhostConvey allows for streamlined application processes, communication and reporting.

The GhostConvey solution enhances the operation of both large-scale and smaller Firms, all of whom are able to reduce costs and grow overall business efficiency through the use of GhostConvey.

The more features used within GhostConvey, the more benefits will be enjoyed.

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    GhostConvey strives to simplify conveyancing and streamline your workflow through integration with all major institutions involved in a property transfer.

    • Links electronically to all major institutions within the Property Industry, including all major Banks, facilitating receipt of instructions and reporting on progress and registration
    • Secure digital signatures for Bank guarantees, enabling a swifter, electronic process while ensuring the authenticity of guarantees
    • Enables users to generate legal documents required by financial institutions and the Deeds Office
    • Links electronically to SARS, allowing for convenient completion and submission of all relevant information and documentation
    • Facilitates secure, auditable communication with Municipalities, streamlining the rates clearance process
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    All captured information associated with a matter is stored safely and securely, and is only a click away, ensuring that matters are completed efficiently.

    • Maintain your library of Title Deed Conditions which are securely housed within GhostConvey and can be linked to any transfer matter
    • Create a quotation on either a transfer or bond quickly and easily from within GhostConvey
    • Search the Deeds Office for property information from within GhostConvey and import relevant information
    • All conveyancing matters are accessible from one Matter List. Apply filters to select your preferred view, including Active Matters, Bonds, Transfers, and Consents
    • All information captured in GhostConvey, including the contact information for Buyers, Sellers, Mortgagors and Estate Agents, is automatically updated, securely stored and easily accessible via GhostMarketer
    • GhostConvey provides step-by-step milestones in the conveyancing process via matter tasks and reminders
    • The diary will remind users of critical tasks, such as Bank deadlines and clearance applications
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    GhostConvey understands the importance of communication, and we strive to ensure that your Firm’s communication processes are as streamlined and effective as possible.

    • The Message Centre houses all incoming and outgoing messages relating to each matter. In addition to the Inbox, Outbox and All Messages folders, the Message Centre provides easy access to a library of Bank Bulletins as well as downloadable electronic manuals from various institutions
    • GhostConvey enables users to communicate directly with SARS regarding amendments, cancellations as well as sending of supporting documents
    • Apply for transfer duty figures and receipts from within GhostConvey using the SARS eFiling link
    • Complete all SARS related fields, including applications and transfer duty receipts, directly from within your transfer
    • Apply for rates clearance figures and certificates from within GhostConvey via the council link
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    GhostConvey assists in ensuring that your conveyancing department runs smoothly and professionally by offering comprehensive management tools and reports.

    • Conveniently draft all accounts within a matter, including Bond Statements of Account, Consent Statements of Account, Transfer Pro Forma Statements and Final Statements of Account
    • Comprehensive reporting gives you a bird’s eye view of your practice, empowering you to make informed decisions
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    GhostConvey understands that your clients are important to you. That is why we have created tools allowing you to offer your clients the best possible service.

    • Activate progress notification emails and SMSs to keep clients and Estate Agents up to date
    • Use the GhostConvey account to ensure your Pro Forma account is complete
    • GhostConvey allows the user to grant the Seller, Buyer or Mortgagor access to a secure website that will allow them to follow the progress of their matter online
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    We know that the success of your business is about building a strong brand, and GhostConvey offers a marketing and communication solution to help you do just that.

    • Customise all communication with your Firm’s Logo, email signatures, headers and footers with GhostMarketer
    • Create customised templates for scheduled and ad hoc communication that will give your Firm the brand presence it deserves
    • Letters, emails and the accounts can be generated with your Firm’s brand
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    GhostConvey provides world-class customer support with a support team who is as passionate about customer service as they are about our product, live chat, on-site training sessions and online training material, giving you access to the support you need, whenever you need it.

    • Conveniently access Free Online Training Materials directly from within GhostConvey
    • GhostConvey’s Live Chat facility provides real-time access to our world-class Support Team
    • Contact our Support Team telephonically for fast, friendly assistance
    • GhostConvey provides free on- and off-site training to ensure that users get the most out of our conveyancing software