GhostConvey Survey 2016: Results

Posted on: March 22 2017

The results of last year’s Conveyancing Cost Recovery survey are out. The response was good, leaving us with over 150 solidly filled out replies from the call to action we sent out in November 2016.

Thank you to all of you who participated, we hope very much that you will find the results as interesting and illuminating as we have.

Before we turn to the analysis of the results, a quick note on the methodology we used to filter down the results, and the graphs we chose to present the most accurate picture possible.

  • Responses were collected and divided into their relevant regions.
  • Then sorted according to their IP Addresses (Survey Monkey, the software which we used to conduct the survey collects the IP Addresses of respondents, we can’t know however who you are though) – those that were the same were highly likely to have come from the same firms, and in fact the high correlation between answers confirmed this fact. As an interesting aside, a few of the more cautious respondents read through the survey and did not answer anything, then re did it, this time answering the questions.
  • A number of respondents did not respond at all apart from answering the first question, other responses were non-sensical, these too were excluded.
  • The remaining data generated the graphs below. However because of the insufficient responses from a number of the regions, we have decided to publish only the countrywide and not the regional results.
  • Not every question in the survey has been used verbatim.

Click here to read the report in detail