GhostConvey does not only offer the most comprehensive conveyancing solution in South Africa – it also offers a range of useful value-added features designed to allow our customers to work more efficiently while at the same time enhancing their business. From instant messaging to marketing tools, GhostConvey really is an all-in-one solution for South African Conveyancing Firms.

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    Fully integrated with GhostConvey, GhostChat lets you instantly communicate and share documents with the correct person regarding a property transaction. All at the click of a button.

    Simply validate your matter in GhostConvey and you will be connected to the correct person.

    Benefits of GhostChat

    • Chat directly to the person handling the matter at the connected Attorney Firms
    • Be alerted to new messages within GhostConvey without leaving your matter to check emails
    • Every chat is linked to the relevant matter for easy referral
    • Chats are date and time stamped for traceability
    • GhostChat will indicate when your messages have been read
    • Upload and share necessary documents from within a matter
    • Access the Absa Guarantee Hub from within GhostChat
    • Send Absa Guarantee Hub requests via GhostChat for transfers linked to an electronic Absa bond
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    GhostMarketer is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed to manage all your GhostConvey contacts and client communication.

    Your GhostMarketer contact database is automatically generated from your matters in GhostConvey, giving you a consolidated view of all your conveyancing contacts. Contacts can be added and edited, and are categorised by role, transaction value, transaction date as well as date of birth, enabling you to employ a targeted communication approach with your clients. With its customisable templates, GhostMarketer will not only allow your Firm to efficiently manage client relationships, but will also assist in strengthening your Firm’s brand image.

    Features of GhostMarketer include:

    • Customisable email templates allowing you to add your Firm’s branding
    • Scheduled and ad-hoc emails and SMSs
    • Targeted and personalised bulk emails and SMSs
    • Reminders of important dates, including client birthdays and transfer anniversaries
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    GhostTracker is an online reporting tool designed for conveyancers to manage all communications with their client base regarding the progress of a property registration.


    • Progress emails are sent as progress information is updated.
    • Summary of progress per matter is sent out on a weekly basis.
    • All these communications are professionally branded with your firms logo and colours.
    • Further to the communication that is sent out, customers can log on to the website and view the progress.
    • The website also offers a secure communication channel between the secretary and the customer, where banking details and personal information can be uploaded with peace of mind.
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    Guarantee Hub

    The Guarantee Hub is a system designed to improve the process of requesting, issuing and accepting guarantees, while at the same time providing Banks with improved visibility and control of the guarantee process.

    The Guarantee Hub digitises a manual, labour-intensive process, ensuring faster turnaround times and reduced fraudulent activity. It enforces business rules and uses relevant Bank data, affording the Bank improved management capability. With broad acceptance from all major Banks, the Guarantee Hub is fast becoming the standard for the issuing of guarantees in the market.

    Features & Functions:

    • Guarantees are requested electronically and issued from a centralised system owned by the Bank
    • Digitally signing electronic guarantees and encrypting these documents to prevent tampering and fraud
    • The Guarantee Hub proactively manages Attorney signing limits with auto escalation to Bank teams where required
    • Flexible reporting
    • Automating requests, as well as generating, issuing and payment preparation of guarantees
    • Integrating Bank data directly from Bank systems to ensure that guarantees are only issued on existing instructions
    • Providing real-time notification, allowing the Bank to view activities on guarantees
    • Monitoring activities of relevant parties involved in the guarantees transactions
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    Affordable Housing Transfers

    With the current influx of affordable housing projects in South Africa, GhostConvey has developed Affordable Housing Transfers, a solution designed to assist Conveyancers in streamlining the transfer process.

    Affordable Housing Transfers complies with all relevant legislation, offering users peace of mind and convenience. Features of Affordable Housing Transfers include:

    • A discounted billing module
    • The ability to import data from a spreadsheet, eliminating the need to recapture information and reducing the risk of data capture errors
    • The option to apply for rates clearance figures and certificates online, directly from within GhostConvey
    • Functionality allowing electronic requests to SARS for transfer duty receipts
    • Reporting on key milestones, including Instruction Received; Transfer Duty Receipt Applied For and Received; Rates Certificate Applied For and Received; Deed of Sale, Title Deed and General Plan Received; Documents Drafted, Lodged and Registered; and Title Deeds Received
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    GhostSearch, fully integrated into GhostConvey for added convenience, allows you to perform all your conveyancing-related searches from within your GhostConvey matters.

    With GhostSearch, you are able to enjoy these benefits:

    • Your search criteria are prepopulated based on your matter information
    • Consolidated billing with search charges simply added to your GhostConvey invoice
    • Property, Person and other conveyancing-related searches are available from within your individual matters and current workflow
    • Matter fields are auto-completed based on the search result information, eliminating errors and delays in registration
    • No additional login is required as GhostSearch uses your GhostConvey credentials
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    Electronic Rates Clearance/Korbitec Municipal Solutions

    Korbitec Municipal Solutions (KMS) provides an electronic link between Conveyancing Attorneys and Municipalities for rates clearance figures and certificates.

    Through GhostConvey, Conveyancers are able to apply  for rates clearance figures and certificates electronically directly from Councils.

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    Electronic Transfer Duty

    GhostConvey offers a direct link to SARS for an easy and efficient electronic transfer duty application process.

    Through GhostConvey, Conveyancers are able to apply electronically for transfer duty figures and receive transfer duty receipts from SARS.

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    GhostConvey Hosting Solution

    With GhostConvey’s Hosting Solution, Attorney Firms can rest assured that all information is up to date and conveniently accessible to authorised users.

    Attorney Firms without the necessary IT infrastructure are able to have their GhostConvey hosted in the secure Korbitec online environment. This solution offers customers convenient access to their GhostConvey from anywhere, and ensures that the software is always up to date and that information is securely stored and backed up daily.