Online Training

GhostConvey is developed with our customers in mind, and because we understand that not everyone is able to leave the office to attend our free regional training sessions, we want to ensure that every one of our clients is able to enjoy the full benefits that our feature-rich solution has to offer.

GhostConvey Online Training is a convenient, easy to use and comprehensive online training facility, and is also accessible directly from within GhostConvey. This training facility is available at any time, is absolutely FREE and, when accessed from within GhostConvey, requires no additional login.

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  • Diverse learning styles

    In an ideal world, all of us would learn in the same way but this is not the case. Individuals have different learning preferences whereby some prefer to attend class and others prefer to teach themselves. With the addition of our online training website, we aim to empower our customers by providing them with options to either attend one of our FREE in-house courses or access the learning content for FREE using this portal.

  • Overcoming Constraints

    In today’s fast-paced world, time is one of our biggest constraints as there seldom seems to be enough of it. Do you find yourself saying: “I don’t have time to attend training”? Well that is all about to change. Now you can access the learning content anytime and anywhere. All you require is access to the internet as well as your logon credentials.

  • Learn at your pace

    This online training website encourages self-study, enabling customers to learn at their own pace.

  • On-the-job Guide

    If you need to learn how to perform a task, there’s no need to wait to attend one of our free regional training courses. Simply access the online training website and navigate to the specific course.

  • Evaluate yourself

    Whether you’re new to GhostConvey or an experienced user who has been utilising our software for years, it is always useful to gain insight into your knowledge of the product. Try one of our Self-evaluations to see if you measure up to your own standards.