Update Types

Ever wondered how we keep your GhostConvey solution up to date, sometimes without you even knowing it? Here’s some information to familiarise yourself with the various processes.

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    Web updates

    These updates are available to you and can be downloaded from the Latest Updates page. Web updates contain technology updates, functionality for new features and document releases required by the various stakeholders in the market, including Banks, Municipalities and Attorneys.

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    Application Patches

    These patches will update your GhostConvey automatically and include minor application changes for issues identified in the market. You will be alerted via a Message Notification and all you need to do is restart your GhostConvey!

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    Document Auto-Updates

    These automatically update any documents that have changed within the GhostConvey application.


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    CD/DVD updates

    When releases are too large to be downloaded (over 200MB) you are able to request that the update be sent to you in CD/DVD format via mail or Docex. Together with updated features and functionality, these releases may include training videos and manuals.